What’s in the Box?

I got my first FabFitFun boxed in the mail this morning and what better way to start a Monday and the beginning of the week? FabFitFun is a subscription box that sends you the newest products and accessories every season so you’re always in tip-top shape with fashion and beauty trends. All box contents are a surprise, unless you opt to have add-ons with your box – which don’t worry, there is a surplus of as there are tons of items to choose from! So as you can see, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a package in the mail before, but you’ll understand why once I share with you all the amazing things that came inside 🙂


All my goodies ranged from french lavender body oil to a complete eye shadow pallet! I absolutely love all the products that FabFitFun was able to snag up for this year’s Fall box! One of my personal favorite items so far has been the toesox though – what a creative idea! It’s so fun to have little slip on socks, but the best part is that there’s room for your toes to breathe! So instead of toe sock, there toe-less socks. So fun!


This amazing travel mug has been another one of my favorite items from the box! It’s a nice, healthy size for avid coffee drinkers like me, and your drink will stay warm for hours! It’s awesome! Plus, who doesn’t like a rather flattering wake up call in the morning 😉


Lastly, this eye shadow palette is simply stunning! If you’ve ever used a Naked palette, it’s essentially like that! It’s an incredible product and I love the double-sided brush that came with it! This palette is perfect for my skin tone since they are neutral colors, and other boxes might have other palettes for different skin tones, interests, etc., but as for me – this couldn’t have been more perfect!

You can order FabFitFun as a seasonal subscription for $49.99/box or you can sign up for an annual subscription and receive 4 boxes for $179.99! But even better, with my discount code, you’ll get $10 off your first order! Get your box here: http://xo.fff.me/elR41 

All other items that came in the box: BrowGal eyebrow gel, SkinLaundry night serum, Spongelle bath scrub, ModCloth blanket scarf, Nature coloring book and color pencils, and Cottonelle wipes.

5 Roommate Dates

Whether you are still getting to know each other or you guys have been roommates for a couple years now, these dates are perfect for spending quality time together!

  • Coffeeshop & Homework Date

Cups Under Espresso Machine Portafilter

Coffeeshop & homework dates are always fun because it gives you a chance to spend one-on-one time together to get to know each other better. And who knows? You guys could end up being great study partners and these dates could become a weekly thing!

  • Sports Game Date


Not only is this a bonding experience with your roommate, but with the entire student body! Showing off your school spirit and cheering on your team is a great chance to make new friends together and get out of your dorm room for a couple hours!

  • Retail Therapy Date

Friends in shopping

Forget the stress of school for a couple hours and hit up the mall! Your roommate could have some sweet fashion sense to help you spice up your closet a bit! And you can always help her out too!

  • Girl’s Night Out

10696390_10152374992247896_7085735708454373024_nThe perfect opportunity for selfies! This gives you and your roommate a chance to see whether you guys are compatible when it comes to partying, going out, etc. And it’s always fun to let loose a little too!

  • Breakfast Date


Find a place neither of you have been before. This allows you guys to explore the city you live in more and find a special place of your own if you like it! It’s also the perfect scene to recap the events that unfolded the night before!

Tensions are high with finals around the corner and the stress of getting ready to go home for the holidays, so ask to go on a date with your roomie! It’s a nice gesture and can help build your guys’ friendship!

Yours Truly,