4 Ways to Not Constantly Think About the Future

If you’re anything like me, you’re a planner – and that means constantly planning what you’ll be doing this upcoming weekend, next weekend, and when you’re going to move into your own apartment and get a puppy after graduation. One thing that I’ve learned from my experiences in college, studying abroad, and life in general is that life isn’t fun when you’re constantly planning and looking forward to what’s coming next. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed opportunities and have let things pass me by because I’m not present all the time. Don’t get me wrong there are times when it is really important to plan ahead, like applying to college or getting big assignments done before a deadline – but when it comes to life in a general sense, it’s time to learn to let go and be present.

Stop Making Plans for Every Weekend in Your Foreseeable Future 

Start thinking about what you want to do later today rather than what you’re planning on doing next weekend. By focusing on the present day you can make plans to have fun today rather than drearily going throughout the week waiting for the weekend plans to come. Trust me, it isn’t fun just ‘trying’ to make it through the week. Also, if you plan so much all the time then when you do have plans you’ll only be thinking about future plans if you’re current event isn’t as fun or exciting as you had ‘planned’ it to be. Are you seeing a theme yet?

Start Meditating

This one I particularly enjoy because it forces you to focus on what’s going on around you and within you. By pushing out other thoughts and using the mental space to feel, listen, and breathe in what’s going on in the present moment, you’ll start to feel more connected with yourself and become more aware of the things that are directly around you. Here’s a meditation podcast I liked to listen to when I was just getting started: Meditation Oasis


Make a List of Things You Love To Do… And Then Do Them

When you don’t have anything to look forward to in your day it makes it really easy to focus on what’s coming up in the future that you can look forward to. Something that has really helped me was making a list of all the things I love to do and then making sure I find time in my day to do at least one of those things. Not only will having a list like this to remind you to do the things you love, but it will also spark interest in those things when you forget it’s something you enjoy doing. Here’s some items that are on my list:

  • Journaling
  • Going for a Walk in Nature
  • Reading a Book
  • Making New Crafts for the House
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Go Outside and Take Pictures

Stop Waiting for Something Better

Has there ever been a time where you’ve regretted not taking advantage of an opportunity because you believed something better would come along? Yeah, it’s happened to all of us, but the only way to prevent that from happening again is to stop waiting. Being almost done with my undergraduate education and on my way to starting a career and living on my own, I am constantly searching around for the apartment I want to live in, the kind of dog I want to get, etc. etc. But by already having my future mapped out and by bee-lining for the future I have set in mind, I could potentially pass up a really good opportunity. Uncertainty is scary, but the greatest lesson I’ve thought myself is this:

If I have everything figured out already, then the future would simply be boring.

It’s true, something better may come along after you’ve already committed to something – but who’s to say you can’t walk away and take that other offer? The only thing you should be committed to in this life is yourself and your happiness. So open up that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for 10 years and enjoy the present moment. If something good came along once, then you haven’t used up all your luck – something good will come along again. All you have to do, is stop waiting and start living.


Trust me when I say that this is a hard feat for me to conquer as well. During my junior year of college I had the opportunity to take a Strengths Quest test. If you don’t know what this is, it is a test designed to highlight and give you information to your top 5 strengths. Guess what my number one strength was? Futuristic Thinking. I am a planner! There is nothing more I love to do then plan things out, for myself and for other people. But by constantly being in the bubble of planning my future, I’m not experiencing my present and it’s something I really want to change. I hope some of these tips can help you take a step back from your future and start to really enjoy your present 🙂



Falling Into Fall

Today I finally embraced the season by going out to the local farms and enjoying all things Fall. My boyfriend came along for the ride (he’s still getting used to my blogging and photo-taking obsession), and it was so much fun! We went apple picking, cider tasting, jelly shopping, and of course – picked the perfect pumpkins! Other than each other of course… But ultimately, my favorite thing about Fall is the fashion style that comes along with it! There’s nothing I love more than putting on a comfy sweater and a blanket scarf to stay cozy during all the festivities.

img_3370 img_3374

Shop this look: Sweater – $39 (Nordstrom), Scarf – $25 (ModCloth), Boots – $50 (Target)

I was pleasantly surprised how well my boyfriend was able to handle the camera considering he’s not one of those ‘picture-happy’ guys all the time. But taking photos was actually his favorite part of the day! I don’t know why I never asked him sooner! Anyways, after some pics here and some pics there we decided to look around and do some shopping…


We found this cute set-up at the High Country Orchard Farm in the Greenbluff area of Spokane, Washington. How cute is this! I couldn’t help but gawk over the vintage wooden decor and all the cute accessories they had. If you’re ever in the region, I would highly recommend stopping at this place! They have tons of fresh, handmade food and of course – apple cider! Yum!

Next, we headed off to the Harvest House and picked out some pumpkins to carve; however, we ended up finding some local Pumpkin beer and ended up using one of the pumpkins to make a beer tap (you can find out more on how to do this in my previous Fall post). It turned out way better than expected! So don’t forget to add that to this year’s Fall Bucket List: Try Pumpkin Beer.


I can’t get enough of Fall and all the wonderful things that come with it, but winter is quickly approaching so be sure to get in all the things you want to do before the snow starts falling!

What have been some of your favorite activities so far this season?



6 Sites That Earn You Money

Are you tired of your day job that doesn’t offer you anything special and unique to market yourself? Are you tired of not moving up in your company and you simply can’t do more than you already are? Why not quit and start working for yourself! You know you’re already a hard worker and when you work for yourself, you make the rules (and the hours, cha-ching!) These 6 sites allow you to work on your own time to generate your income:

Chloe and Isabel

Have you ever wanted to own an Etsy boutique, but have never known what to sell? Well this Chloe and Isabel is the perfect fit for you! They allow you to have your own boutique for shoppers, but provide all the products! How easy is that? I simply cannot get enough of this site! With the help of mentors and marketing specialists, you will have all the tools you need in order to be successful. Simply go to their site, apply to be a merchandiser, come up with the name for your shop, and start bringing in the revenue.


Now, if you do have your own creative ideas and love to make your own products then Etsy is more the site for you! Again, you get to create a unique name for your shop and in just a few steps you’ll be on your way to selling products for your DIY and Pinterest-obsessed shoppers!


The new and innovative way to make your home, office, and kitchen smell amazing.  Scentsy’s are the new ‘candle’ and have tons of scents to choose from as well as adorable holders for your scents as well! You can join the Scentsy crew by becoming a consultant and selling their products for them all while earning commission.


Sell your old clothes on ThredUp! If you’re looking to make some extra cash or are constantly changing up your look and need a place to get rid of your ever-changing wardrobe, ThredUp offers a place to trade in your clothes or receive cash for the items you send in! Just sign up, send in your clothes, and you’re on your way!

Stella and Dot

This is another site similar to Chloe and Isabel that lets your sell their products by becoming a professional stylist. If you’re looking for an outlet to promote your fashion sense and advise others on their look and style, then this is a great opportunity for you! All you have to do is apply, purchase a starter kit, and start bringing in the dough.


Another great sight to earn money on is FabFitFun – every time you refer a friend and they purchase a subscription through your link, FabFitFun will give you $15 towards your next purchase, whether that be a seasonal box, add-ons to your next box, or just shopping from their current products. And if you refer enough people, you could even get all your boxes for free!

What other sites have you tried to make an income from? Share your success stories here! And as always, thanks for reading!



Card Games to Play (Besides Cards Against Humanity)

Cards Against Humanity is a classic game to play with friends, especially when drinking. Of course there’s other card games like King’s Cup, but if you’re looking for more legit games that come with rules and in a box, then here are a couple to try!

Red Flags – this is one of my personal favorites! The game includes white cards which represent pleasing aspects of someone you’d like to date and then red cards which represent “red flags” or things that would make you not want to date someone. Then, each person puts together their ‘character’ for the person who is voting, which includes one two white cards and one red card. The voter must then choose which person out of their choices they would date. It’s pretty simple, but a lot of fun! Many laughs will be had if in possession of this game. Tip: there’s an expansion as well (Dark Red Flags)


To learn more about this game click here: Red Flags

SuperFight – this game was made for people that find pleasure in arguing their own opinions (and for those that love to watch people argue). It’s a ton of fun if you can get the right crown together! Each person develops a ‘fighter’ by putting together one black card in a their hand (attribute cards) with one white card from their hand (character cards). Then, everyone lays out their fighters and argue why their fighter would win over everyone else’s. There are plenty of expansions for this game too that add either challenges, scenarios, or locations to the core deck of cards. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’m super excited to hopefully soon!


To learn from about this game click here: Super Fight

I hope you guys find these games as fun as I do! I’d love to hear game night stories and what combinations came together!

Spokane Eateries

One of the many things I love to do most, is eat.

There is just so much variety  in the dishes that chefs can make and I love how diverse each individual city’s restaurant life can be. Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite places from my city: Spokane, Washington.

If you’ve never been to Spokane and are planning a trip here soon or if you’ve been living here for years, all of these places are MUSTS.



This place is really popular among all ages and is known for their unique flavor. For dinner, I tried their scallops which were coated in a mandarin-balsamic oil. Super good! If you’re looking for something a little classy with exceptional taste, this is the place to go. They’re also known for their brunch if you get the morning munchies!

Their menu changes often, sometimes daily; but you can view a preliminary one here: Clover



One of my personal favorites for cold or rainy days, NUDO is a ramen house with great selections of meat and vegetables. For those not so keen on ramen bowls, they have other great options as well – I would try the garlic black pepper beef!

You can check out the menu here: NUDO

Churchill’s Steakhouse


For the meat and seafood lovers out there, you will not be disappointed if you decide to try Churchill’s. The food is simply delicious. From seafood appetizers and soups, to mushroom risotto and 58 ounce steaks. The atmosphere and dishes of this place are to die for – don’t miss out on the cheesecake or chocolate sack for dessert!

Menu: Churchill’s



Looking for good wine and italian food? Look no more! Europa offers pasta platters as well as individual plates and has a great wine selection to accompany your meal (for only those 21 and older of course). I would recommend the calamari as an appetizer – it has a little kick to it, but it’s super good! As for main dishes, there’s something for everyone.

Find your perfect dish: Europa

Wolffy’s Hamburgers


Last but certainly not least, I must recommend Wolffys. This is a family-owned 50’s themed diner located just off campus of Gonzaga University. Ever since starting school, I have eaten here at least once a month. The burgers are simply amazing! If you’re in the mood for shakes and fries and good times, you can’t go wrong with this Spokane favorite!

View menu here: Wolffys


Thanks for checking in on this article of the Notebook and I hope you enjoy whichever place you decide!


5 Roommate Dates

Whether you are still getting to know each other or you guys have been roommates for a couple years now, these dates are perfect for spending quality time together!

  • Coffeeshop & Homework Date

Cups Under Espresso Machine Portafilter

Coffeeshop & homework dates are always fun because it gives you a chance to spend one-on-one time together to get to know each other better. And who knows? You guys could end up being great study partners and these dates could become a weekly thing!

  • Sports Game Date


Not only is this a bonding experience with your roommate, but with the entire student body! Showing off your school spirit and cheering on your team is a great chance to make new friends together and get out of your dorm room for a couple hours!

  • Retail Therapy Date

Friends in shopping

Forget the stress of school for a couple hours and hit up the mall! Your roommate could have some sweet fashion sense to help you spice up your closet a bit! And you can always help her out too!

  • Girl’s Night Out

10696390_10152374992247896_7085735708454373024_nThe perfect opportunity for selfies! This gives you and your roommate a chance to see whether you guys are compatible when it comes to partying, going out, etc. And it’s always fun to let loose a little too!

  • Breakfast Date


Find a place neither of you have been before. This allows you guys to explore the city you live in more and find a special place of your own if you like it! It’s also the perfect scene to recap the events that unfolded the night before!

Tensions are high with finals around the corner and the stress of getting ready to go home for the holidays, so ask to go on a date with your roomie! It’s a nice gesture and can help build your guys’ friendship!

Yours Truly,