Hello all! After being M.I.A for the past couple months, settling into my new job and new apartment, I am excited to announce where I have relocated to: Portland, Oregon! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this journey of self discovery has been so far. When I graduated from Gonzaga this past May I ran away to New Zealand for two weeks in order to forget about all the changes that would be coming up in my life. I came back home with a new love interest (that I have met while abroad) and everything seemed like it was going to be okay. However, as the summer went on I realized that this fling I was having was just a distraction from everything else going on. When that ended, in not the same magical affair in which we had met, everything started to catch up with me. I was distraught over losing this relationship and the stress of post-college life overwhelmed me. I started researching all the feelings I was having so I could justify them and put them into words and I realized something: I was experiencing post-college depression. Now, why no warned me this was a thing I have no idea, but it was happening regardless. After a week of moping and not being able to get off the couch I decided to do something about it. I packed up two suitcases, a sleeping bag, and pillow into my car, went to the salon and got my hair done, and the next day I drove for 15 hours until I ended up in Portland.

The end of that summer fling ended up being the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Although it’s unhealthy to displace feelings for one thing onto another, that relationship gave me a purpose throughout the summer that I lived back at home, but at the same time the ending of it connected the dots of what I was internally dealing with for months and even gave me the push I needed to start my adult life.

When I arrived to Portland I had two interviews lined up, both of which were event coordinator positions for marketing firms. Yes, they sound glorified, but they were far from that and ultimately I ended up declining both of the job offers I got from those firms. So I found myself in Portland, homeless, jobless, and hopeless. Now to make this post a little bit happier, let’s fast forward to today, three months later.

Today, I am a tasting house specialist for one of the most well known and visited wineries in the Willamette Valley. I am living in a beautiful one bedroom apartment enjoying my singleness. And I have made many new friends that have solidified my choice to move here. I couldn’t be more grateful for opportunity I was given to work for the company that I work for and to be able to work in an industry that challenges me everyday and is ever growing. A week after I moved to Portland I was laughing at myself over the stupidity of my senseless move given how unprepared I was, but now I couldn’t be more proud of myself for that stupidity. Life is full of little lessons that thread together who you become as a person and this lesson has been one of my greatest. Uncertainty is scary, I know that first hand now. But what would life be if we didn’t take risks and allow life the opportunity to work itself out on it’s own? Someone once told me: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Boy, did I sure get lucky.






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