A Day in LA

The City of Angels – what a perfect description for the only city in the world that can uphold it. Being born and raised just twenty minutes outside the city, I never appreciated it’s glam and splendor; but now, living 2100 miles away, I can see why so many people dream of traveling to this place unlike anywhere else. The shopping, the food, and the anticipation of something great and exciting happening make it a great place to explore! There is something new hiding behind every corner so it never gets boring, and who knows who you might run into!


Now, anyone that knows me knows how big of a coffee enthusiast I am and LA is a great place to try all sorts of coffee! From mint mojito coffee to your natural latte with extravagant flavors like toffee and toast.

Alfred Coffee

Alfred is one of the coolest coffee shops I’ve ever been to! There’s not a lot of space to sit and chill out inside, but there is some seating outside which allows visitors to soak up the nice California weather. I love the modern look of this place and what’s even better is that it’s right around the corner from DASH – the Kardashian’s boutique. What’s better than a little shopping with an iced coffee in hand?


LA is also notorious for its artwork and when venturing around the city you’ll know what I’m talking about. There are hundreds of murals scattered throughout the city, some in plain sight and some hidden in the middle of small alleyways. The LA Art District is the best place to see some of these beautiful creations, but there are plenty around Melrose Place if you decide to grab some delicious coffee from Alfred’s as well!


It can be pretty hard to fit everything in one day, but if you only had a day in this city here is what I would recommend:

The Last Bookstore

This store is so much fun to roam around! They have endless amounts of books, ranging from new fiction and non-fiction to classics with original bindings. You can’t pass up the authenticity and appeal of this place. There’s also a line of small shops on the upstairs floor including yarns, stationary, and other specialty products. So much fun to explore!



For the thrill seekers of the world, this one is for you! Atop the US Bank Tower building, 70 stories high, there is the world’s tallest slide! Now it doesn’t wrap around the building or anything crazy like that, but it is completely transparent giving you views of the city that you can’t get anywhere else. It’ll get your heart pumping for sure! But then there’s a cute cafe to grab a bite or drink at afterwards and a terrace prime for photo-taking!

Grand Central Market

After years of living in the suburbs of LA, I don’t know how I missed this place! I actually ran in to it by chance luckily, but this place is a must for those foodies visiting town! Take your pick of seafood, street tacos, creamy ice cream, or all out greasy American goodness. They have it all! Great for big groups with different tastes and for those wanting to try a little bit of everything – can’t miss this!


Grand Central Market

The reason why I listed these places as must-do’s for your one day in LA is because they are all incredibly close to each other! You can walk from place to place within ten or twenty minutes, giving you the rest of the day or afternoon to travel someplace else to explore, such as Rodeo Drive or Melrose Place or for the adventurous at heart, maybe a night at Universal Studios. I hear that the studio tours for Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros are fantastic as well! I have yet to do one, but if movies are your thing, then might as well take the opportunity! There are tons of museums worth seeing as well, such as the new highly acclaimed Museum of Ice Cream (unfortunately sold out until August), and LACMA (where the urban lights are).

Feel free to comment any questions you might have about some of these places or where these murals are! And if you have any suggestions for future LA travels, I’d love to hear them!

Happy exploring!

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