Solo Adventure

Hi all! Man, it feels good to be back, and y’all are probably wondering where I’ve been for all these months. Well, I’ve been finishing up my Bachelor’s degree at Gonzaga University and finally graduated this past Sunday (woohoo!) and I wanted to put off my efforts for my blog until I could actually put in the time and effort that the kind of blog I envision requires. So here I am! Ready to go more than ever and with exciting news! Tomorrow evening I set off for my first SOLO ADVENTURE! Yup, I am heading across the Pacific Ocean to the islands of New Zealand! I couldn’t be more excited! I will be spending 7 days on the north island and 6 days on the south island, road tripping to wherever my heart leads me!


Now you might be wondering ‘why are you going solo?!’ Again, another good question, and one that has a genuine answer. During the middle of my first semester of senior year I was having a mental breakdown over what I was going to do with my life, with my future, and at the time my boyfriend. I had no idea where I (potentially we) were going and being a major planner, I needed to know RIGHT THEN AND THERE. But unfortunately, that wasn’t possible and even more unfortunately, that boyfriend is no more, which ultimately sprung my decision to go on a solo trip. After the devastation had passed, I put all my energy into my studies in school and in planning this kick ass trip that I’m leaving for tomorrow! I wanted to do something for myself to prove that I could and to spend some time clearing my mind, exploring the world, and being completely alone and utterly me. So with passport in hand, I jet set to another adventure that is waiting for me!

A quick sneak peak of some of the places I will be visiting:

Waitomo Caves


Waiheke Island


Roy’s Peak


Milford Sound


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