Newport Beach

One of my favorite things in the world is waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. What better way to end the summer than a trip a beach? That’s exactly what I did this past Sunday by meeting up with my family down in Newport Beach, California. We ate tons of good food, spent some quality time walking along the shore, and had a couple drinks to end the night. Here are some of the places we visited along the way!

The Cannery

If you’re looking for a nicer casual to fancy restaurant than this is a great place to go! Upstairs they have a full sushi bar along with their regular drink bar and tables. If you’re looking for good food, but don’t want to dress up much than upstairs is the perfect fit for you. As for those of you who are dressing to impress, the fine dining area on the main floor looks straight out at the water where boats are docked and city lights glow. It’s a stunning view for sure! The food is quite spectacular as well – ranging from Maine lobster and Scottish salmon to open range prime rib. They provide delicious meals that definitely have the aesthetic appeal you hope to find at places like these. You can check out their different menu’s here.



After having dinner with the family at The Cannery, my dad took me here to end the night with a couple drinks. Seeing as it was my first time being able to legally drink with the family my dad wanted to spoil me a little bit, and by a little bit I mean one drink. I decided on the Southern Gentlemen cocktail which was a strong mix of lemon vodka and St. Germain. This drink inspired my new drinking motto: If it looks like water, it’s gonna get you drunk. The entire bar offers a relaxed mood, right on the harbor as well, and if you’re interested in food then they have an entire menu and regular seating on the other side of the restaurant as well!



I never actually made it in to this boutique since I was only in town for a night, but from just the outside it caught my eye! They offer cute boho attire and accessories that match the beach-y scenery. Perfect outfits for any trip to the ocean or just to add to your wardrobe! Check out some of their products here.

If you’re planning on taking a trip down to Newport Beach or just visiting the day, I highly recommend taking a walk around the neighborhoods or even trying to rent a house to stay in! I mean look at these places, they’re AMAZING. Tell me about your travels to the beach and what some of your favorite places are!



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