Card Games to Play (Besides Cards Against Humanity)

Cards Against Humanity is a classic game to play with friends, especially when drinking. Of course there’s other card games like King’s Cup, but if you’re looking for more legit games that come with rules and in a box, then here are a couple to try!

Red Flags – this is one of my personal favorites! The game includes white cards which represent pleasing aspects of someone you’d like to date and then red cards which represent “red flags” or things that would make you not want to date someone. Then, each person puts together their ‘character’ for the person who is voting, which includes one two white cards and one red card. The voter must then choose which person out of their choices they would date. It’s pretty simple, but a lot of fun! Many laughs will be had if in possession of this game. Tip: there’s an expansion as well (Dark Red Flags)


To learn more about this game click here: Red Flags

SuperFight – this game was made for people that find pleasure in arguing their own opinions (and for those that love to watch people argue). It’s a ton of fun if you can get the right crown together! Each person develops a ‘fighter’ by putting together one black card in a their hand (attribute cards) with one white card from their hand (character cards). Then, everyone lays out their fighters and argue why their fighter would win over everyone else’s. There are plenty of expansions for this game too that add either challenges, scenarios, or locations to the core deck of cards. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’m super excited to hopefully soon!


To learn from about this game click here: Super Fight

I hope you guys find these games as fun as I do! I’d love to hear game night stories and what combinations came together!


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