Tis the Season

Over the past week of finals and packing to go home, I have been going through some of my friends from home’s Facebook pages, to catch up a little bit before seeing everyone again; and I can’t believe how much has changed in the past four months. As I’ve been gone for my first semester of sophomore year, my friends have become parents, fallen out of love, tried new things for the first time. I can’t help but feel a little torn over not being there for all of it, but I have learn a significant lesson from reflecting on all these events and thinking of those I love – people are so incredibly STRONG.

Strength is not something that one can be taught; it is something that one must learn himself.

Knowing everything that my friends have been struggling with the past few months, the things they have learned, and the mountains they have outcome, just fills my heart. It just reminds me how ignorant I can be of the things that people are facing every single day. People are so strong, so, so strong. I admire that in people.

So with the holidays nearly a week away, smile at everyone you see – you might be the one to brighten their day. Send a quick text to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while – you might be the only one telling them you’re thinking of them. People are strong because they have to be, but this season lets all share the burden a little bit.  It’s okay to be strong for others when they can’t be, and it’s okay to allow others to be strong for us when we can’t be. Spread some love this holiday season.

Happy Holidays everyone! xx




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